Profit Partners Review: My Results After 1 Week Trading

Hey, my name is JC and let me welcome you to my Profit Partners review.

I updated you last week (18th of February) to let you know that I had got access to Jack Carters trading app and started using it. I made my deposit and then immediately withdrew 50% of the money (as I needed it to pay my bills).

UPDATE – Some of you have been asking me how much I deposited. The amount was $350 and then I withdrew half of that and traded with $25 per trade. I just checked and you can start with $250 (that is the minimum deposit).

Review continued…

You see I’m not somebody who makes a fortune online and I’m not afraid to admit that. I actually have a full time job in IT and I do this “internet” thing on the side. I’m on a mission to make money online and like to share my reviews of the products I test :)

Most of them are pretty bad to be honest. And I’ve used about 2-3 of these “software apps” before and not really had much success. So when I made my deposit to start using Profit Partners I was pretty hesitant and a little worried. But I had hope in my heart that this was the real thing!

Wednesday 19thmy first day of the app trading for me. 3 trades were made and 100% were winners. I was trading with $25 risk per trading and this allowed me to make approximately $40 back. So 3 trades gave me $120 return on my first day :)

Thursday 20th - after day 1 I was pretty pumped about this app. Things got off to a slow start and only 2 trades were made in the first half of the day. The first trade was a loser and the 2nd was a winner. In the afternoon 2 more trades were made resulting in 2 wins. So Thursday a total of 4 trades, 3 winners 1 loser giving me a return of $135

Friday 21st - Friday 21st was a crazy day. I don’t know whether this was because Fridays tend to be a little mad in the stock / currency markets, or perhaps there was some news, anyway the trading app was making a lot of trades. In total 10 trades were made in the day resulting in 7 winners and 3 losers. This gave me a return of $205.

Weekend – NO TRADING

Monday 24th – Monday got off to a slow start but by the end of the day 5 trades were made this resulted in 4 wins and 1 loss. For a return of $135.

Tuesday 25th - 4 trades total, 3 wins 1 loss for a return of $95

Wednesday 26th (TODAY) – 1 trade so far on the EUR/USD which resulted in a win and a return of $90 (I have upped my trade to $50 per trade now instead of $25).

My Conclusion & Recommendation (+ My Theory)

Profit Partners works and I think I know why. Here’s my theory…

I have tested other binary systems and I have lost money because they were all with 2nd rate brokers who weren’t even regulated. The broker Profit Partners uses is the best broker in the industry, so I believe that might be why this app is producing a profit for me.

Either way, I am making money! :)

I recommend making a deposit at the broker and then you should trade with a risk of $25 per trade like I have done. The minimum to deposit is $250 but you can withdraw that money anytime you want (the broker is legit and will give you your money back).

Since I had success with Profit Partners I am happy to recommend it, and I’ve been given a special link whereby if you sign up you will receive a bonus in your trading account:

Click here to get started with Profit Partners

PS – Any questions feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you :)


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My Profit Partners Review Is Coming Soon…

Great news, I can confirm that I have just received access to Profit Partners from Jack Carter. This new trading app officially launches on Tuesday the 25th of February so that gives me 7 days to test it out and share my findings.

If you want to read an honest review that shows exactly what you get and whether it’s worth buying check back on Monday the 24th of February to get all the details.

I’m confident this is going to be an exceptional product. But… my review will be fair and honest if I find that this product is a waste of time, or even a scam I will be letting you know.

So to get all the details and find out the truth about Profit Partners check back on the 24th!


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Profit Partners – Is It A Scam?

Is this new product a scam? I don’t think it is, however I’ll share my full review soon.

Profit Partners is a new product from Jack Carter and I’m looking forward to sharing all the details with you. What you will find in a few days is my full and honest review of Profit Partners sharing exactly what you get, and how it works to make you money.

Click here to see my review

Speak soon



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Profit Partners Review Blog

Hey, JC here and welcome to my Profit Partners review blog.

Profit Partners is a new product from Jack Carter and it launches on the 24th of February (Monday) at 9AM Eastern time. I’m looking forward to sharing my review and testing results with you.

Check back to this blog on the launch date to get all the details.


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